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Single households


Single households are here to stay. The traditional “plan” for a good life is changing, as young consumers turn critical towards the narrative of adulthood as a time of working hard to sustain a family. Singles might identify themselves as asexuals, orient their romantic feelings into cultural products, value platonic love or prefer polyamory over monogamous relationships. On top of that, a growing senior population is living alone and they are not your stereotypical grandparents either – 70 is the new 50. People in their third age have resources, free time and a growing need for new kinds of products, services and experiences. It is time to meet consumers as diverse individuals, not as members of your average family.

Next steps

The growing purchase power of single people will transform the housing, hospitality, entertainment and retail industries. Singles could be buying for 1 , 2, 3 or 15 – only for themselves, but at times for their kids, extended family or peer group. They will most definitely be annoyed by normative assumptions about their societal patterns and turn their backs on simplistic brands. Annual marketing plans and holiday season messaging needs to be revised to celebrate the joys of singledom.


  • Ideate new products and services around food, wellness, health, home deliveries etc. with single households in mind
  • Rethink luxury services and “bubbles and roses” to fit the needs of a health-conscious singles.
  • Be prepared to transform your holiday messaging and ideate campaigns and sales events for different kinds of needs


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